The decision to use foreign labour in your company or to go to work abroad is not easy– any number of doubts and questions can arise.

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A small Finnish construction company:

A small but fast-growing construction company that performs a wide range of work from smaller repairs to larger subcontracts. Due to the nature of the work, volumes can fluctuate seasonally, creating a need for reliable short-term labour.

When our collaboration started in 2015, the company had a constant labour turnover, unclear schedules, and a shortage of high-quality employees. There was no personnel management, employees were confused, and the managers did not have much control.

“We started by mapping their needs and problems. Although this should not be our responsibility, as a natural continuation, we have strongly developed the whole HR of their company,” said Priit Koik, Head of EstEmploy.

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“We offered 20 new specialists, and thanks to a qualified workforce and a good level of HR management, the company now has a stable workflow, projects keep coming in, and the first regular customers have emerged,” Priit continues.

The company employed ten people, only three of whom qualified for a significant level. EstEmploy terminated the employment of the rest.

“We offered 20 new specialists, and thanks to a qualified workforce and a good level of HR management, the company now has a stable workflow, projects keep coming in, and the first regular customers have emerged,” Priit continues.

At present, EstEmploy has an average of 15 to 17 employees working in the company throughout the year, and as many as 25 to 30 during the peak season.

This case is a good example of the fact that the combination of a high-quality workforce and a flawless personnel management system results in work done on time, satisfied customers , and ultimately, continued work coming in.

Due to this growing work volume, they are now constantly in need of new employees.

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“The biggest problem for smaller construction companies lies in the workforce – there’s work, but the company is scared to take on new projects because human resources are unclear. If the company does not have a reliable partner who ensures a high-quality workforce, then the risk of failure is high,” says Priit. He believes that the success of companies like this lies in finding a cooperative partner who can ensure a high-quality workforce.

“Today we can guarantee the necessary workforce flow because we have
accumulated a lot of experience over the years, and we also have a large database of employees. We have always kept our promises and we are trusted. This is important, especially in Helsinki where there is a lot of competition and extremely strong control over the paperwork. Surviving in Helsinki is very difficult and achieving a success story is a positive indicator,” says Priit.

A construction company’s manager says:

“I am very satisfied with our cooperation! I am most happy with how easy and simple everything is. I just need to say who, for how long, and how many I need, and EstEmploy will send me the necessary employees. The strength of EstEmploy is not only the high-quality workforce and accuracy but also the smoothness of the paperwork and work process management. The use of rental staff provides significantly better opportunities for planning and controlling cash flow. I always recommend EstEmploy – I have already recommended them many times and I will continue to do so.”

A medium-sized metal industry company:

One of our partners is a medium-sized company in the metal industry whose main activity is manufacturing small metal products. The company employs mostly welders as its workforce.

The new head of the company saw the need to optimise human resources and decided to test a partnership with EstEmploy. The company decided that EstEmploy would become their primary provider of workforce solutions in the future based on these two factors: the employees that EstEmploy finds are skilled and have a dedicated work ethic, and it takes significantly less time to manage a workforce in cooperation with EstEmploy.

For the last seven years, about four to six temporary employees have been working for this company through EstEmploy. Good performance has in some cases led the company to offer a long-term employment contract to a rental employee found by EstEmploy. “We consider this to be a very positive sign, which shows that we have been able to meet all the requirements set by the client for the candidates,” says Priit Koik, the head of EstEmploy.

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Read more about what our partners say about us:

A company producing concrete elements in southern Finland:

We have been collaborating with EstEmploy for more than ten years. Our
first foreign rental workers were found by them. Through EstEmploy, we
have found good manufacturers of concrete elements for our company.
Most of the employees already have a lot of experience in manufacturing
similar products and so we can quickly integrate them into the work
process. We have also found good employees who have less experience,
but who has quickly made up for the lack of previous experience with a
good attitude and hard work.

We have also taken on some of the rental employees who originally came
through EstEmploy as permanent employees at our company. Thanks to
the employees who came through EstEmploy, our company has developed
rapidly and the results are great.

The best thing about working with EstEmploy is that the amount of labour
can be adjusted more flexibly according to the production situation and
the season. As a result, the use of labour has become more efficient. In
particularly busy times, rental workers make it easier to stay on schedule
with delivery times. EstEmploy also knows the various aspects of our
production quite well and can provide us with exactly the right specialists

A subcontractor producing metal products for the technology industry in Eastern Finland:

We had an urgent need for a specific specialist who could not be found in
Finland. However, EstEmploy was able to quickly find the right person and
send him to work. We saw that it is a reliable company that responds
quickly and can find the necessary professional who is committed to the
work. Because of this, we decided to continue collaborating with EstEmploy. For more than five years we have found very good surface treatment specialists and welders through EstEmploy.

Most of our products have strict quality requirements. The professionalism
of the welders and the existence of professional qualification documents
are the key. Cooperation with EstEmploy has significantly simplified and
accelerated the search for skilled and certified employees. Flexible staffing
of projects with professionals and the cost-effective use of the staff have
given our company a clear competitive advantage thanks to EstEmploy.

A medium-sized construction company in Uusimaa that deals with both outsourcing and project management:

We have been using EstEmploy’s services for the last five years. We need different employees on construction sites – carpenters, painters, tilers, and general builders. Often the work is project-based and a specific specialist is only really needed for a limited time.

Most of our employees come through EstEmploy – our cooperation has gone smoothly, the employees coming through EstEmploy are reliable and diligent, and for us, the project-based use of labour is flexible and convenient. Recently we also found a very professional construction manager through them!

We can focus on our core business if we know that the workforce is taken care of by EstEmploy. They can be trusted. As the employees come as rental workers, we also have significantly less paperwork related to the recruitment of employees. Saving time, reliable quality of the workforce, and flexibility are the main advantages why we have decided to continue working closely with EstEmploy – this way it is much easier for us to manage the company.